Login Scripts

The login activity on CRC systems is handled through a few handy scripts. These scripts can be modified to provide additional desired functionality, but there are a few items which must be preserved in order to maintain proper usage of CRC services.

Shell Config

There are two supported interactive shells: bash and tcsh. Each shell has a configuration script which you can modify to customize your shell experience (prompt, aliases, etc). Be careful to not modify / remove the content which is already supplied when your account is new.


Each login configuration script is actually a symlink to the real file within your ~/Public/ directory. For this reason, it is extremely important to NOT REMOVE your Public directory.


The bash configuration script is located at ~/.bashrc. An example of the default (and what is necessary) bash config script is as follows:

if [ -r /opt/crc/Modules/current/init/bash ]; then
    source /opt/crc/Modules/current/init/bash

if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
    . /etc/bashrc

The above will configure your shell to work seamlessly with the module environment. Note that if these lines are removed, modules will be inaccessible.


Similarly to bash above, the default tcsh login script is located at ~/.cshrc. The default contents are:

if ( -r /opt/crc/Modules/current/init/csh ) then
    source /opt/crc/Modules/current/init/csh

Login Problems

If you are having troubles logging in, the first item would be to verify if you have a CRC account. Your CRC password will be the same as your ND password. If you are having troubles, login to okta to verify your password.

Module not found upon Logging in

If your login scripts have become corrupted, moved, or deleted in some way, you will not be able to access modules. You may be seeing other errors as well if your PATH variable is also corrupted.

To completely reset your login scripts, you can use the following:


Be sure to log out, and log back in. At this point your login scripts should be reset. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact us at CRCSupport@nd.edu.

Quota Limit

If you’re seeing strange errors while logged in, another item to check is your quota. It is possible the system is not able to write any lock files.:


If you’re at 100%, remove any older files you no longer need. You can sort for the largest files with:

du | sort -n