CRC User Documentation

The HPC team within The University of Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing provides computing resources with the associated support for faculty members, researchers, and campus users. Within these pages the supporting documentation and resources for utilizing the CRC’s infrastructure can be found.

For any questions or assistance please contact us:

Recent announcements:


External access to most CRC login nodes now requires the use of the Notre Dame VPN. If you are using a campus wired connection or are wirelessly connected to the Notre Dame Eduroam network (on campus), the VPN will not be necessary. Note that this change will have no effect on any virtual machine (VM) hosted through the CRC.

  • Information on the VPN can be found on Service-now.

    • If you are a student, you must connect with, if you are staff member you must use

  • Alternatively, you may connect to without going through the VPN.

What does the CRC do?

The CRC provides faculty sponsored research access to HPC and HTC resources for members of the Notre Dame community. The Center can also facilitate access to large Nationally sponsored resources and other resources through XSEDE.

If you are a new user, be sure to check the links under “New User Info” on the left toolbar starting with the Quick Start Guide.

How can I get help?

The CRC User Support Team is happy to help facilitate the use of the CRC infrastructure with day to day operations, general or specific questions, issues, and training for proper and efficient use of the cluster. To schedule an appointment or ask a question, send an email to Be sure to first view the Getting Help page to see what all you need to gather before contacting CRCSupport.

  • The CRC User Support offices are located on the 8th floor of Flanner Hall to the right after leaving the elevators.

  • For specific documentation you can search in the toolbar to the upper left, common and important sections can be found within the toolbar to the left.


Interested in a possible internship? Further information can be found on the Internship with the CRC page.